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When people experience hair loss, they have several needs including what to do about hair care, nutrition and medication for example. I try to provide as much as possible at this clinic (except hair transplant surgery), but I believe it is important to keep collaborating with colleagues from other professional background to help people with all hair types. It has been widely recognised that the world of textured has not received as much attention as other hair types, but this is changing.

Recently at an event I was able to participate in an interactive learning experience where members of the public were invited to learn more about the current condition of the hair and scalp.

This event was focussed on helping around 50 participants with textured hair needs to learn about their textured hair care care needs.
I was at the station working with a knowledgeable Trichologist and hairdresser/cosmetologist/lecturer. We identified our different skill sets and worked together examining the hair and scalp and gave advice about hair care practices needed to maintain textured hair.

As this was a taster session all advice was given with the caveat that if there was a concern, then there should be further assessment by an appropriately qualified professional.
Looking at the scalp with the scalp analyser was great fun and many participants took pictures of their scalps at high magnification.

This event convinced me further of how valuable it is to collaborate with other professionals working in the field of hair. I do hope that there will be further opportunities for collaboration.

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