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Now that the Covid-19 Lockdown has become a way of life, many of us have found new ways of interacting with the world. One of these has been Zoom calls where you have the opportunity to see a gallery of friends, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers for a prolonged period of time. Gone are the days when ‘working from home’ meant sitting in your pyjamas in ‘bed hair’.

We are so grateful to those frontline workers who have risked their lives and sadly some of whom have lost their lives. To support those who continue to do so we all have to continue to play our part by staying indoors, unless we really need to go out.

A stylish piece of headwear is a really quick solution to having to deal with making your hair presentable and is particularly important if it takes a long time using products to cover hair loss.

Many of us will have less money coming into the household than usual because of Covid 19, so in recognition of the challenges, the clinic is having a sale on head coverings including the beautiful Christine Headwear coverings designed for women with alopecia, wigs and wig care products. These can all be delivered straight to your door.

Please visit to see what is available.

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