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The past few months have been tough for everyone, having to make changes due to coronavirus.

At the beginning of lockdown the clinic significantly reduced the consultation fee as consultations moved from face to face to virtual consultations.

Virtual consulting has become part of the new norm in both medicine (including General Practice and dermatology) and trichology.  There will be occasions where a face to face examination is needed, but to reduce any potential exposure the face to face consultation will be much shorter.

Regrettably in order to continue to provide the level of service that is currently available which includes follow up, it will become necessary to increase the cost of a consultation and follow up appointment to £200.  The increase  will be staggered gradually, so will increase to £125  from July 5th, to £150  from August 5th, to £175 from September 5th then £200 from October 5th.

This still represents extremely good value as the majority of trichologists do not have a medical background and will not be able to prescribe for conditions or for TrichoTest themselves. Likewise the majority of dermatologists will not be able to offer a similar level of support and advice in camouflaging hair loss using cosmetic products, wigs, hair pieces or hair replacement systems.

This clinic’s focus remains as non-surgical hair restoration using evidence based methods.

The clinic plans to open for face to face treatments in July, but as rates of Covid-19 infection remain higher in the North West of England is proceeding on a cautionary basis.

To find out more about how this clinic can help with hair loss, hair thinning, scaling or itching scalp please click on the Hair Loss Services tab or visit


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