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While there is so much uncertainty around the levels of Covid-19 infection in the community, this clinic is continuing with the precautionary approach of conducting as much of its interactions as possible virtually.

At the moment follow up consulltations are free of charge to current customers, so the aim is to collect as much information as possible of relevance before attending the clinic.

This means that for hair loss consultations the initial consultation will take place virtually. Once the appointments is booked a questionnaire will be sent, and you will be asked to send in photographs of the hair loss or scalp condition from the front, sides, top and back views.

The current fee of £125 for a hair loss consultation will be in place until 5th August, after which it will increase to £150. Regrettably the price increase has had to be made due to additional costs. 

A hair loss consultation initial virtual consultation will usually take between 30-60 minutes.  The visit to the clinic for examination of the scalp will be scheduled to take up to 15 minutes in order to minimise close contact.

However if hair pieces or wigs are required, then the interaction can take place in a socially distanced way.  This is not ideal, but it enables the service to continue to be provided in a safe way to reduce risk to visitors and the clinic.

Initial skin consultations will also continue to be done virtually.  The fee of £50 for skin care consultations is refunded if a treatment programme of a greater value is taken up at the clinic.


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