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Platelet Rich Plasma is currently the most requested treatment for hair loss at this clinic.

The evidence base suggests that it is very useful in combination with other treatments for hair loss based on a sound understanding of the various factors that can be driving hair loss (including nutrition, health issues and hair care practices).

The results can be subtle, but the treatment can be uncomfortable. Following the experience of a customer who found the experience to be painful, the WOW fusion device with local anaesthetic cream applied 30 minutes beforehand was  a more comfortable experience.

Not only that, the fact that 20 needles delivering the PRP in an application rather than 1 injection seemed to enable more penetration of the product with less wastage.

This clinic is now offering PRP using the WOW fusion device as the default choice to maximise the chance of better results.

To learn more about PRP, please visit the following page:

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)


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