Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic

Wrinkle relaxing treatments and dermal fillers are available from this clinic. These are useful as a temporary way of reversing the appearance of the signs of ageing. A full skin care.aesthetics consultation is required to assess which treatments are appropriate. The cost is £50 refundable against the treatment.

The emphasis of this clinic is to optimise your skin’s ageing by helping you to address cosmetic skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, uneven pigmentation, dull and sagging skin.

The clinic is happy to accommodate customers who only wish to have Wrinkle relaxing treatments.

For fillers the Juvederm ultra portfolio is mainly used for the face, but Belotero can be used on request and Radiesse filler for the hands are also available

If ‘Botox’ is in stock, this can be administered on the day following a consultation.

Aesthetic Complications Expert Group - Registered Practitioner

Wrinkle relaxing treatments and dermal filler price list

Wrinkle relaxing treatments  (The price for men is an additional £20 per area)

Frown line                                                  £175

Forehead line                                             £175 (If over 50years of age the frown line and forehead lines should be treated together)

Crow’s feet                                                 £175

Chemical Brow lift                                    £175

Bunny Lines                                               £175

Gummy Smile                                            £175

Smoker’s line                                             £175

Pebbled/dimpled chin                              £175

Downturned corners of the mouth        £175

   2 areas     £240

   3 areas     £300

Neck and platysmal band                        £375

Nefertiti neck lift                                        £375

Jawline slimming                                       £375
Sweat treatment                                         £500

Filler treatments

Nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds) /Lip rejuvenation and  enhancement /Cheek augmentation/Hand filler    

Please note, the prices below are for guidance as a consultation is required first £50 refundable against treatments

  • Juvederm Ultra  2 – 0.5ml £220
  • Juvederm Ultra  3 – 1ml £280
  • Juvederm Ultra  4 –  1ml £310 
  • Juvederm Ultra  Smile – 0.55ml £220
  • Radiesse – 1.5ml £350                                     

Before undergoing any form of cosmetic procedure, please make sure that you read the Patient Information Leaflet and ask if you have any questions.

Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic 110 Nantwich Road Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 6AT Company Number 1089 4687

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