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Opening hours: Tuesday and Friday 12 – 7, Saturday 10am – 1pm.

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Whatever your hair or skin type, at Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic, rest assured that you have come to the right place. This is a beauty clinic where you can access ethical help from a doctor for your hair loss or cosmetic skin concern. 

The clinic takes a holistic, evidence based, ethical approach to hair loss including genetics, lifestyle, health, medications and hair care practices.

The clinic helps people with acne, pigmentation issues (including unwanted freckles), rosacea, melasma, dull wrinkled skin, unwanted hair and blemishes.

Hair loss Clinic - medical and cosmetic

You will have a detailed consultation to look at the underlying reasons for your hair loss  including nutrition, hair  care practices, medications and general health.  The solution offered will be tailored to you. It may be medication, platelet rich plasma, cosmetic camouflage, a wig or hair replacement system.  To ensure that you are offered the most appropriate solution for you a medical trichology consultation is required first.

This clinic is one of the first in the country to offer DNA testing for hair loss will be available from the clinic. This  is a one off test that will personalise your treatment based on your lifestyle and genetic profile so that you don’t waste time with treatments that are less likely to work.

Female Hair Loss
Female hair loss
Male hair loss
Male hair loss
Platelet Rich Plasma treatment at Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic
Platelet Rich Plasma treatment at Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic

Hair loss products - shop online

Shop  for nutritional supplements, low level laser therapy , hair enhancing shampoos and camouflage products by clicking on the photos below.

Enter Crewe1 at the checkout to get a 10% discount.

Viviscal Professional
RegrowMD by HairMax Laser 272
Low level laser therapy
Hair thickening products
Hair thickening products

Scalp camouflage kits, and hair replacement systems

Shop on line for the MS Hair   loss camouflage kit in a range of colours. Enter INGRW90  at the checkout to get a 10% discount.

Custom hair pieces and hair replacement systems are also available. This clinic partners monthly with a specialist haidresser to offer a bespoke service. A hair replacement system is like having your own hair, except the hair piece is removed at the clinic once a month, washed and refreshed while you enjoy a scalp treatment and trim of your remaining hair.


Hair camouflage fibre
MS Hair camouflage kit

Wigs and wig care products

A limited selection of wigs and hair pieces is available from the clinic.

The clinic supplies Trendco wigs and wig care products.  The images shown in the photographs below are available to purchase from the clinic. Please visit the shop section of the website to buy.  It is recommended that you make an appointment at the clinic to try on the wig first as unfortunately wigs are not returnable.

Sentoo collection
TrendCo Sentoo collection
Evanna in Melted Ocean colour
TrendCo Hi Fashion collection
Male Wig
Male Aki Trendco wig

Eyelash and eyebrow enhancement

Shop online for eyelash enhancing serum, or book in for eyelash extensions or a brow enhancing treatment.

Lash Perfect Black Mascara with Lash Enhancing Serum
Lash Perfect Black Mascara with Lash Enhancing Serum
Eyelash extension
Individual eyelash extensions
Lash Perfect Hi Brow Classic
Lash Perfect Hi Brow Classic

Acne, Rosacea, Uneven pigmentation

People can struggle with these conditions and may find that the range of options available on the NHS or over the counter hasn’t worked.

You will have a detailed skincare consultation in order to find the best solution. Options include medical grade home treatment programmes, skin peels and even platelet rich plasma treatment for acne scarring.


Getting rid of unwanted hair or blemishes using electrolysis

Aesthetic procedures and skin camouflage

The clinic will work with you to address your skin concern in a way that encourages routines to get the best skin long term. Although ‘botox’ and fillers have a place, the emphasis of this clinic is on lifelong skincare. This is why a detailed aesthetics/skin care consultation is offered.

Caring for Afro-textured or curly hair

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