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Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata

It is one of the most drastic type of hair loss,  it  presents as circular patches of hair loss which can sometimes merge with each other patches . Regrowth usually starts at the centre of the bald patch with fine white hair that thickens with time and usually regains its colour. It is a very unpredictable condition.

How the clinic can help

Dealing with hair loss without using surgery needs a variety of approaches.

The clinic will  assist by documenting the extent of the hair loss by photography of the hair and scalp including TrichoLab; advising on the  information about the condition.

There can be many factors contributing to hair loss as well as age, genetics and hormones. A detailed history will be taken which will include your nutrition and any supplements taken.  You will be advised accordingly

This clinic will advise you of the current evidence on treatments and can arrange for the relevant blood tests to be done with or without nutritional status blood tests included. The clinic encourages people to access these tests from the GP, but it this is at the GP’s discretion. It possible to have some blood tests as skin prick (which can be done at home or at the clinic), or you can be sent to a partner clinic for a full blood test.

The clinic works with a specialist compounding Pharmacy which only works with doctors.

An appointment with a dermatologist is always encouraged to access a wider range of medications  including  steroid injections at this clinic.



The TrichoTest DNA test for hair loss will enable personalised treatment for certain types of hair loss including alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium. 

A swab is taken from inside both cheeks and the report will recommend which supplements and topical medical treatments are likely to be helpful, based on previous studies.

Supplementary treatments in clinic

The condition is unpredictable, but there is the suggestion that the Trichological Treatments of High Frequency, to increase blood flow can help.

This clinic offers High Frequency Treatment along with the Pharma Hermetic Hair Recovery Programme

Practical help in hiding hair loss

Myu wig from Trendco Sentoo collection
Myu wig from Sentoo collection

The clinic can supply ready to wear hair pieces or custom made hair pieces.  Some of these can be purchased online without visiting the clinic (please visit

Regrettably, once purchased the pieces are not returnable.

It is recommended that you make a wig consultation to discuss your requirements and get a good colour match. 


You will be advised on the most appropriate type of wig or hair piece if you would like to cover areas of hair loss. For almost total hair loss different wig caps are required.


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