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Avlon Texture Release

Who is it suitable for?

Texture release is for people with:

  • Curly to excessively curly textures

  • Wanting to elongate the natural colour pattern

  • Transitioning from relaxed to natural hairstyles

  • Wanting styling versatility

  • Wanting to maintain natural texture in between blow drying

Texture release system is heat activated with amino acids and enhanced patent pending conditioning agents that penetrate deep into the hair fibres that enable ultimate styling versatility. This is an ideal process for curly to excessively curly hair textures.

The treatments typically last 6-12 weeks

In terms of aftercare, products from the Avalon KeraCare line can be used: for straight styles KeraCare products, for natural styles KeraCare natural textures.

How does it work?

To understand how smoothing systems work it is best to understand the foundation of hair chemistry

  • Hair is made of amino acids which combined together to build protein.

  • As the hair grows the amino acids form together as a long chain called keratin.

  • These long protein chains wrap around each other like a rope which makes up the basic structure of the hair.

  • Inside the hair structure the keratin forms cross links with adjacent Cysteine.

  • The wavy or curly nature of the hair fibres is dependent on the presence of ortho cortical cells in the hair cortex.

  • Typically the more ortho cortical cells in the hair fibre the curlier the hair.

  • Smoothing services fill in the cortex with additional cross links in order to create a new smooth surface.

  • The key smoothing ingredient is Gyoxilic acid that works in tandem to create strong cross links between the keratin proteins of the hair fibre

  • When the cross-linking agent is flat ironed in the hair a fairly long-standing smoothing effect is produced.

  • Since the treatment does not permanently change the internal structure of the hair the stylist has the ability to offer additional services before and after the smoothing treatment.

Price starts from £100 depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

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