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What is CCCA?

TIt is a form of permanent hair loss which is more commonly seen in black women.  However, it can rarely be found in men and people with other hair types.

Women in their middle years are most commonly affected.


Hair loss is seen typically at the top of the head, and the hair loss  spreads outwards across the top of the scalp. The scalp may appear shiny. While some people don’t have symptoms, tenderness itch and burning are common.


Hair breakage may also be an early sign seen in this is  most serious condition for black women, and it is really important to take action quickly. 






What causes CCCA?

The exact cause of CCCA is unknown and is likely to be due to a number of reasons. Hair care practices, such as the use of excessive heat in the hot comb or hair straighteners, relaxers that damage the hair shaft, tight extensions and weaves, have been implicated for decades, but studies have not shown a consistent link.  There is also thought to be a genetic link

How can Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic help?

If you are not sure whether you have this condition, please make an appointment.. Trained trichologists should be able to diagnose this condition, but it is important to be referred to a dermatologist with experience in treating this condition.

This condition is not well known among GPs at the moment, but hopefully this situation will change as awareness increases about the condition.

There may be other ways the clinic can such as sources of information, advice on medication, hair care, scalp camouflage and wigs.

Crewe Hair and Skin clinic  offers protein and moisturising treatments for Afro-textured hair.

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