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Click on the image to hear more about the ethos behind the clinic and how nutrition contributes to hair
Click on the image to hear more about the ethos behind the clinic and how nutrition contributes to hair

After personal experience of hair loss,  and realising the major impact it could have,  Dr Wilson began a journey of learning about hair  and scalp issues.Working as a GP, she has  been aware that most UK GPs have only one week of training in skin and hair before they qualify. Unable to find a suitable in depth course at the time for GPs, she completed the 2 year Trichology Course with the Institute of Trichologists gaining a distinction in both years, being the only student in her cohort to do so. She was also awarded the John Mason Memorial Prize for Excellence in her first year, which is only awarded when there is a ‘candidate of high enough calibre to merit it’. 

She has taught examined and consulted at the Institute of Trichologists’ Clinic in London and also gained further experience helping patients with hair loss independently, including at a branch of The Private Clinic of Harley Street. She has written articles on hair loss for a range of audiences and spoken at various events. She remains a practising GP, is a member of the Primary Care Dermatology Society and a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health.

She believes that it is important to be knowledgeable about the hair processing techniques in Afro-textured hair which has different requirements to European/Asian hair. She was certified in 2015 by the National Beauty Institute in: Hair Cutting,Hair Braiding and Weave, Afro hair relaxer and the Brazilian Blow Dry.


Dr Ingrid Wilson - Affiliate Trichologist Member British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery
Dr Ingrid Wilson - Certified Trichologist. International Association of Trichologists
British Association of Skin Camouflage
Member of the British Hair and Nail Society
Member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists

Aesthetics training

After personal experience of needing skin camouflage to cover loss of pigmentation, Dr Wilson trained in skin camouflage and is a British Association of Skin Camouflage practitioner.  She joined the Education Committe for BASC in 2020. The clinic is part of the Veil Skin camouflage network to help to  reduce delays in customers accessing their skin camouflage products.

The skin camouflage training stimulated an interest in the solutions that aesthetic procedures offer so she trained further in  electrolysis with VTCT and Sterex, and also has the  BTEC Level 7 award for Laser and Associated light therapies, she hopes to be able to offer this service in the future.

Training in Botulinum toxin injections was completed in 2011, and she maintains contact with colleagues in field through membership of a local practitioners group and the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group which supports aesthetic pracititioners across the country.

Dr Wilson is a strong believer in the importance of skin care for managing skin concerns including acne, pigmentation, razor bumps, rosacea and wrinkles and undertakes regular training with Obagi Medical and Zo Skin health in order to continue to deliver skin care programmes.

Aesthetic Complications Expert Group - Registered Practitioner
British Association of skin camouflage
Veil Skin camouflage
Sterex logo


Hair and Skin Education - examples

  • Pigmentation Un-Covered (Aesthetic Source). September 2019
  • International Trichology Congress. September 2019
  • British Hair and Nail Society meeting. 2019, 2018

Presentations - examples

  • Skin lightening –  What you need to know. Alafia Health event, London. January 2020
  • Hair Loss – What you need to know. Spotlight Expo. August 2019
  • New developments in CCCA. The Trichological Society Annual Presidents Day. May 2018. 

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