Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic

What can be done?

The clinic offers 2 different options for the feet:

  • Zo Skin health Foot renewal treatment, which takes about 30 minutes, can be done once a week for one month, and then every 4-6 weeks after as maintenance
  • NeoStrata® ProSystem foot peel, which takes up to one hour,  requires at least 2 weeks of preparation with specific skin care products at home (depending on skin type, which can be done every 4 weeks 

What are the main differences between the 2 options

The ZoSkinhealth peel is a luxury peel with relatively little down time.

NeoStrata® ProSystem peels are often performed on the body to provide exfoliation and antiaging effects
for specific target conditions. Benefits include softer, smoother skin with reduced crepiness, more even
skin tone and reduced appearance of dark spots and irregular pigmentation. Many body parts are less sensitive than facial skin and may be able to tolerate higher-strength glycolic acid peels.

These peels are not suitable for everyone, so it is important that a consultation takes place beforehand to discuss what is involved and which peel is most appropriate.

What are the intended benefits of feet peels?

• Exfoliation of thickened skin including heels
• Softening of callused areas

Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic 110 Nantwich Road Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 6AT Company Number 1089 4687
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