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Female Pattern Hair Loss
(Female Androgenetic Alopecia)

Female Hair Loss

There are actually 2 age peaks for women for female pattern hair loss:

  • Early onset in the 3rd decade
  • Late onset in the 5th decade, which is more associated with the menopause.

The appearance is usually a widening of the central parting while retaining the front of the hair line.

Sometimes other hair loss conditions can be present at the same time that can be contributing to the overall appearance of the hair.

How the clinic can help

This type of hair loss is not dealt with in the NHS.  Dealing with hair loss without using surgery needs a variety of approaches.  A detailed consultation is helpful to ensure that you are addressing all the factors your can including addressing any lifestyle or health issues.

The clinic will  assist by documenting the extent of the hair loss by  clinical photography of the hair and scalp using TrichoLab during the initial consultation.  This is different to the scalp magnification used by many trichology clinics because the image uses polarised light which allows structures under the surface of the skin to be seen.  There is also the added reassurance of a second opinion from internationally recognised hair doctors who only work with other doctors.

This clinic will advise you of the current evidence on treatments and can direct you towards the  relevant blood tests to be done with or without nutritional status blood tests included. The clinic encourages people to access these tests from the GP, but it this is at the GP’s discretion. It possible to have some blood tests as skin prick (which can be done at home or at the clinic), or you can be sent to a partner clinic for a full blood test.

The clinic works with a specialist compounding Pharmacy which only works with doctors, so an option will be Minoxidil 2% or 5% in a specialist formulation that supports hair growth.

The clinic recognises that textured hair will have different needs so is able to source a cream based formulation for patients.


There may be better alternatives to Minoxidil based on your genetic profile.  The TrichoTest DNA test for hair loss will enable personalised treatment for certain types of hair loss including androgenetic alopecia

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Studies have suggested that Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) is a useful adjunct in managing female pattern hair loss. It is now becoming part of the treatment protocol in some hair loss clinics for androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata and telogen effluvium. The treatment is done monthly for the first 3 months and the 3 months after that. Then every 3-6 months as maintenance therapy. This clinic uses the WOW fusion microneedling device to administer the treatment. The principle behind it is that your body’s own growth factors taken from your own blood will help support the hair growth.

Pharma Hermetic Hair Recovery System

The Pharma Hermetic Hair Recovery Programme can be used as a standalone treatment or alongside PRP treatments.

The in clinic treatment is done approximately every 10 days on 5 occasions.

There is a shampoo, lotion and hair mask to supplement the treatments in clinic.

Skingenuity - Hair Loss Treatment

The Skingenuity Hair Restoration Programme is a treatment for hair loss using 8 different human recombinant growth factors.  The in-clinic treatment is done every 2 weeks for up to 12 weeks. This is supplemented by an at home treatment.  The concept is similar to PRP except that no blood needs to be taken and the treatment is standardised.

WOW fusion mesotherapy - for excess sebum

wow fusion mesotherapy for hair loss

WOW fusion mesotherapy uses a microneedling device to administer products which contain nutrients for the hair.  It is particularly suited for those who have excess sebum on the scalp.

6 weekly treatments are done. There is an option which includes Botulinum Toxin for those with excessively sweaty scalps.

RRS XL - for scalp hydration

RRS XL Hair for scalp hydration is a dermal implant for alopecia and activation of hair restoration.   It is a non cross linked Hyaluronic acid filler in a protective buffer to help with scalp hydration.

The treatment is undertaken in clinic every 1-2 weeks for one month then every 6 weeks thereafter.

It is recommended that Scalp fit shampoo is used 2-4 hours before the procedure.  Other products in the range such as Revitalix post treatment shampoo and AD hair spray can be used to support results

Regenera Activa

This uses autologus micrografting technology.

Medical Treatments

In a small minority of cases a medical approach may be taken using prescribed medications.

Practical help in hiding hair loss

Semi custom made hair enhancer
Semi custom made hair enhancer

The clinic can supply ready to wear hair pieces or custom made hair pieces in a variety of colours, styles and lengths.  Some of these can be purchased online without visiting the clinic (please visit and search for TP). There is a limited selection of pieces in the clinic or a piece can be chosen

Regrettably, once purchased the pieces are not returnable. 

Hair fibres to camouflage areas of hair loss

MS Hair fibres
MS Hair fibre kit to hide areas of hair thinning. Please click on the link to buy and Enter INGRW90 at checkout to get a 10% discount

This clinic recommends MS Hair fibres to camouflage areas of hair thinning.

The Hair Foundation Fibres (12g) are available in Black , Dark Brown, Auburn, Blonde and Grey hair colours. The hair fibres are made from keratin and natural plant extracts. Each fibre is statically charged to bond to your existing hair, making your hair look naturally thicker and fuller.
Fixing Spray (60ml):
The Melon & Kiwi scented Fixing Spray is fast drying and provides a stronghold, securing the hair fibres to your hair. It smells amazing and provides a natural shine finish with humidity resistance. Use the spray to make the hair fibres last longer and look more natural.

Applicator Pump: Allows you to apply the Hair Foundation Fibres with  more precision and ease.

Edge Perfector: Designed as a guide to ensure the hair fibres are applied in a pattern that replicates your natural hairline. It can also prevent the hair fibres from falling onto your forehead or clothing.

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