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About Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia

This is a form of scarring hair loss that affects the hair band margin on the front of the scalp. If you have this condition you should seek a referral to a dermatologist with an interest in hair.

How this clinic can help

It is important to know that this type of hair loss should not have a hair transplant while the disease is active.

Dealing with hair loss without using surgery needs a variety of approaches.

The clinic will  assist by documenting the extent of the hair loss by photography of the hair and scalp; advising on information about the condition.

There can be many factors contributing to hair loss as well as age,genetics and hormones. A detailed history will be taken which will include your nutrition and any supplements taken.

This clinic will advise you of the current evidence on treatments and can arrange for the relevant blood tests to be done with or without nutritional status blood tests included. The clinic encourages people to access these tests from the GP, but it this is at the GP’s discretion. It possible to have some blood tests as skin prick (which can be done at home or at the clinic), or you can be sent to a partner clinic for a full blood test.

The clinic works with a specialist compounding Pharmacy which only works with doctors, so you will be able to discuss the  options available to you.

The clinic recognises that textured hair will have different needs so depending on your needs may be able to source a cream based formulation for patients.

Eyebrow enhancement
Eyebrow enhancement

Eyebrow loss can be one of the signs of Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia. This clinic can provide eyebrow enhancement which can make a difference to the ageing effect that eyebrow loss can cause.

The clinic uses the HiBrow system to shape  colour and style eyebrows.

Wigs and hair pieces for hair loss

TrendCo Wig Supplier
TrendCo Wig Supplier

The clinic can supply ready to wear hair pieces or custom made hair pieces.  Some of these can be purchased online without visiting the clinic (please visit or click on some of the images below).  When social distancing measures are not in place due to Covid-19 it will be possible to book an appointment to discuss your wig needs, check a colour match and order wigs to try.

Regrettably, once purchased the pieces are not returnable. During the period of social distancing due to Covd-19 there is a 20% reduction on the hair pieces in the Shop section of the website (search for TP).

Some of the wigs available immediately to buy

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