Hair clinic – conditions

The Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic aims to help you in the first steps of dealing with your hair or skin condition.  

This page contains information about some of the hair conditions the clinic will treat, and what can be done for you in the clinic.  Some conditions cannot be treated in the clinic, and you will be advised to see your GP or dermatologist. 

(Images – DermnetNZ)

This is a form of permanent hair loss which is more commonly seen in black women.  However, it can rarely be found in men and people with other hair types.

Women in their middle years are most commonly affected.


Hair loss is seen typically at the top of the head, and the hair loss  spreads outwards across the top of the scalp. The scalp may appear shiny. While some people don’t have symptoms, tenderness itch and burning are common.


Hair breakage may also be an early sign seen in this is  most serious condition for black women, and it is really important to take action quickly.  

Many doctors are unaware of this condition, so the clinic will advise you on the first steps to take.

It is one of the most drastic type of hair loss,  it  presents as circular completely bald patches which can sometimes merge with each other patches 

Regrowth usually starts at the centre of the bald patch with fine white hair that thickens with time and usually regains its colour. It is a very unpredictable condition.


The clinic offers initial medical and trichological treatments which may help, but unfortunately results cannot be guaranteed as this is a very unpredictable condition.

This is a  gradual form of hair loss that is generally caused by pulling forces applied to the hair. Tight pony tails or braids are often the cause.

The clinic offers advice on camouflaging the hair loss, hair care and other measures that may help.

Thinning of the hair that usually tends to happen to women in their 50s and 60s. The clinic offers advice on scalp camouflage, medical treatments and whether further advice should be sought from a GP.