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Hair loss can be caused by many different things including hair care practices, nutrition, stress, health conditions and medications.

This clinic’s emphasis is on finding the correct diagnosis.  This will allow the best treatment plan which may include medication, lifestyle changes, and  recommendations on products and supplements. Blood analysis is available, but the clinic is happy to accept the results of recent blood tests from the GP.

Practical solutions to hide hair loss are available  including cosmetic sprays, fibres, wigs, hair pieces and hair replacement systems.   

Prescribed medications are available for some conditions. DNA testing for hair loss is available to help personalise treatment for some potentially reversible hair loss conditions.

https://xtumnrxqcadlnaimdy.10to8.comThe first consultation should take between 30-60 minutes to allow a full assessment.  During Covid-19 social distancing the initial consultation will be by video.

A complementary face to face follow up consultation of 30 minutes within 6 months of the initial consultation is included. Once Covid-19 social distancing restrictions are not in force a face to face consultation needs to take place particularly to examine the hair and scalp.  You may be advised to see your GP if the assessment indicates that this is needed.

An initial consultation of around 30-60 minutes is required to allow a full assessment of the hair, scalp or beard condition. 

The consultation fee includes a free follow up appointment within 6 months to monitor how your hair loss condition has evolved,   to discuss alternative options, as a range of approaches is often needed to achieve the best results.

Please click on the links below to find out more about how the clinic can help in some hair loss conditions.  Some conditions cannot be treated in the clinic, and you will be advised to see your GP, a dermatologist or hair transplant surgeon.

Images – DermnetNZ, Trendco and with permission from clients)

Alopecia areata

Traction alopecia

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