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Hair loss can be due to many reasons you may not have been aware of.

This clinic offers a range of options to help address the causes of hair loss, scalp or beard problem and offer solutions for the cosmetic effect including advice on cosmetic products, provision of wigs or hair pieces. This clinic is one of a few in the country to offer DNA tests for hair loss which are intended to help optimise management of hair loss.

An initial consultation of around 45 minutes is required to allow a full assessment of the hair, scalp or beard condition.  You will be asked about how your condition has evolved, your general health, medication, nutrition and hair care practices which can be impacting on your hair.  Blood tests are available, but you will be advised which tests to seek from your GP if needed.

Below are some examples of how the clinic can help. Some conditions cannot be treated in the clinic, and you will be advised to see your GP, a dermatologist or hair transplant surgeon.

Images – DermnetNZ, Trendco and with permission from clients)

Male pattern hair loss/balding (Androgenetic alopecia)

As more experience with hair transplants is gained, it is being recognised that younger men, particularly under the age of 25 should wait until their hair loss has stabilised before getting a hair transplant. You may wish to consider a DNA hair loss test to help optimise the hair loss treatment.

At the appointment, health and lifestyle advice is discussed based on the consultation. Options to treat hair loss include:

A 50 day course of a specialist Minoxidil 5% foam. Topical (rub on) minoxidil  is the recommended first line treatment. It can be discreetly delivered to your home, and is provided in a specialist formulation called Foamil which is gentle to the scalp due to the low irritation profile of its ingredients.

Licensed oral medication for balding may be prescribed on a private prescription if the detailed assessment of the condition and other health issues merit it after careful counselling.

Practical advice on how to hide hair loss including various ways to camouflage hair loss including camouflage fibres illustrated here in a man with male pattern hair loss. MS hair fibres demonstrated here are available to purchase through the online shop. A 10% discount is available by entering INGRW90 at the checkout.

Platelet rich plasma treatment is also available as a procedure at the clinic. Results may vary.

Low level laser therapy devices can be purchased via the online shop. A 5% discount is available by entering Crewe1 at the checkout.

A custom made hair piece can be made  (Image courtesy of Trendco image library).

The clinic will monitor you and support you through your journey, including advising you on optimising your hair health should you wish to seek a hair transplant.

Alopecia areata

It is one of the most drastic type of hair loss,  it  presents as circular completely bald patches which can sometimes merge with each other patches . Regrowth usually starts at the centre of the bald patch with fine white hair that thickens with time and usually regains its colour. It is a very unpredictable condition. The hair loss will be assessed.

The clinic suggests that you can also visit your GP particularly if you have other health problems and need a referral to a dermatologist.

The clinic offers initial medical and trichological treatments which may help, but unfortunately results cannot be guaranteed as this is a very unpredictable condition. You will be advised on the current evidence of complementary approaches to this condition.
You will be advised on the most appropriate type of wig or hair piece if you would like to cover areas of hair loss. For almost total hair loss different wig caps are required.


Traction alopecia

This is a  gradual form of hair loss that is generally caused by pulling forces applied to the hair. Tight pony tails, braids, weaves or hair extensions are often the cause. It is important to get the right help early in this condition. If left for too long the hair loss can be permanent.

The clinic offers advice on camouflaging the hair loss, hair care and other measures that may help.  You will be assisted in choosing a custom made hair piece if you are looking for a temporary solution.

The clinic will discuss the evidence around the medical treatments for this condition that can be prescribed or purchased over the counter.

Protein and moisturing treatments are available to help nurture the remaining hair. A visiting hairdresser expert in cutting and styling Afro-textured hair visits the clinic once a month. Please enquire for 

Traction alopecia

Female pattern hair loss

Thinning of the hair that usually tends to happen to women in their 50s and 60s. The clinic offers advice on scalp camouflage, medical treatments and whether further advice should be sought from a GP.  Sometimes other hair loss conditions can be found in this age group.  If the hair loss is occurring earlier than  expected, the reasons for this can be explored.

Minoxidil 2% lotion can be supplied from this clinic which is a recommended first line treatment. The formulation available from this clinic has methyl nicotinate and medroxyprogesterone acetate. However other formulations are available.

This clinic can also help you find a hair piece that will hide the hair loss. The picture shows how a semi custom made hair enhancer by Trendco can lessen the appearance of hair thinning.(Image courtesy of Trendco image library).

Please view the hair pieces in the Trendco wigs Hi Fashion section in  shop section of this website  to see which toppers are available. Products with the Suffix TP are the toppers

Central Cicatrising Centrifugal Alopecia (CCCA)

This is a form of permanent hair loss which is more commonly seen in black women.  However, it can rarely be found in men and people with other hair types.

Women in their middle years are most commonly affected.

Hair loss is seen typically at the top of the head, and the hair loss  spreads outwards across the top of the scalp. The scalp may appear shiny. While some people don’t have symptoms, tenderness itch and burning are common.

Hair breakage may also be an early sign seen in this is  most serious condition for black women, and it is really important to take action quickly.  

Many doctors are unaware of this condition, so the clinic will advise you on the first steps to take, including what you should be asking your GP to prescribe while you are waiting to see a dermatologist, and will support you in camouflaging your hair loss.

This condition needs prompt referral to a dermatologist ideally with an interest in hair disorders.  


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