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Appointments for adults over the age of 18 years in the United Kingdom can take virtually or face to face with a medical doctor who is an internationally  certified trichologist.

This clinic takes a holistic approach to hair loss bringing together current  knowledge from the world of cosmetic science, medicine, genetics, nutrition, cosmetics, trichology and headwear to help you to find evidence based solutions.   It is intended to complement what is available in the National Health Service (NHS).  

Click here to book an initial virtual hair loss initial consultation (£200)

Click here to book a face to face hair loss consultation at the clinic which includes TrichoLab imaging (£250 )

Click here to book a face to face hair loss consultation including TrichoLab and Trichotest for personalised topical medical treatments and supplements (£450)

The view is taken that this is a journey, so for the fee includes:

  • The initial  consultation of 30-60 minutes
  • An email summarising the recommendations within 7 days of the appointment
  • A consultation of up to 30 minutes within the first month to discuss the recommendations and agree strategy
  • A further follow up consultation within 6-12 months to check on progress.

The face to face consultation will include a TrichoLab image which is a detailed assessment of the hair and scalp using polarized microscopy. A second opinion from a dermatologist is included in the report.  Before the appointment,  photographs will be requested of the  hair loss or scalp scaling condition from the front, top, back and side views.

Where appropriate, a limited range of Medical treatments are available to take at home, approved by Hamilton Fraser Insurance.  Advice will be given as to whether a referral should be sought from a dermatologist who is able to prescribe more specialist medications or arrange scalp biopsy for hair loss conditions which are suspected to be permanent.

A range of in-clinic treatments for hair loss are available (please see services below which link to more detail on the individual page).

There are many clinics offering hair loss treatments, and it can be difficult to know what to look for in this clinic. The article below, published in the Aesthetics Journal, whose readers are Aesthetics Practitioners with a medical, nursing or dental background, describes the different types of training for hair loss specialists

Some Hair Loss Conditions Treated at this clinic – If the links below do not work, please choose from the main menu at the top of the page)


The price of all treatments can be viewed on the price list

Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic 110 Nantwich Road Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 6AT Company Number 1089 4687

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