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Has hair loss got you feeling down?

This clinic offers practical help if you are looking for a quick temporary solution.  However the clinic encourages you to address the underlying causes of hair loss as well long term.

For ment the Aki  and Mike style full head wigs are available to buy online. A range of colours are available – so it is recommended that you come to the clinic to get an accurate colour match on the swatches. 

If you would prefer to have a fitted hair piece (See the Aero Mono and Aero Lace Styles pictured below), then a hair replacement system can be left on for a month at a time, so if you are living or working in close quarters with people, they don’t need to know!  If you have curly textured hair it is possible to create a bespoke hair system for you too – similar to a ‘man weave’.

Men's hair replacement systems

How does it work?

  1. First, you and your therapist discuss the results you want from this treatment and the best way to achieve this. This includes the colour, thickness, curl and style
  2. You will be asked questions about your lifestyle to assess what type of hair replacement system will meet your needs
  3. The basics of a hair replacement system will be explained to you, and you will be able to see the styles which are available.
Custom made hair piece
Semi custom made hair enhancer

A basic mould will be taken and you will be provided with a quote for the sytem within 5 working days.

The overall cost can vary but can be from £450 .

If the cost is acceptable, you will then be given an opportunity to consider whether you would like to take the next step of getting a formal mould (Appointment cost £40). This mould can be used repeatedly for future hair replacement systems. This will require an appointment during daylight hours and the mould will be sent off for a final estimate.

If you wish to keep the hairpiece on all the time, to avoid friction frizz, human hair rather than synthetic hair will extend the life of the hair piece which is generally around 3- 6-months. The piece can last longer if cared for appropriately. If you are satisfied it is recommended that you purchase a second hair piece to minimise the down time, as a piece can take around 5 weeks to be made.

A patch test is required 24-48 hours before the day of the fitting.

On the day of the fitting the hair piece will be either glued or taped on, and then cut and styled to fit in with your own hair. This highly bespoke service by a trained stylist and wig cutter is worth £150.

To maintain the hairpiece it is recommended that you attend the clinic monthly for the piece to be cleaned, refreshed and for you to have a scalp treatment and cut  at a cost of £50.

Initial hair replacement system appointment: £10

Scalp mould appointment: £40

Final hair piece and fitting from £450

Monthly maintenance appointment £50

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