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For advanced hair loss a hair replacement system (also known as a Toupee) is a practical solution for hiding hair loss.

This clinic has access to a wide range of colours in the 2 styles shown below.

When lockdown restrictions are not in place, if you are committed to buying a system it will be possible to come into the clinic to check the colour match is for you.  The fee for a consultation is refunded if you buy a wig or hair piece from the clinic.  Follow up appointments are not charged for, but a deposit will be required when ordering a new hair replacement system.

The Trendco Aero Lace Styles are pictured below.

A hair replacement system can be left on for a week or a month at a time, so if you are living or working in close quarters with people, they don’t need to know! 

The piece can be cut to fit the area of hair loss after a template has been taken. This is done at the owner’s own risk. The details of an experienced wig cutter can be supplied on request.

Men's hair replacement systems

What colours are available?

The hair replacement systems are made from human hair.

A wide range of colours are available as seen on the colours below.

A colour ring is also available to compare your own hair colour. Grey hair can be added in.

How can I fit the hair piece?

During this time of social distancing, customers are encouraged to fit the hair piece themselves. The clinic can support them in doing this virtually and if required can supply the details of local wig cutters.

This YouTube Link demonstrates how the hair piece can be fitted at home using tape.   (225) How To Apply Your Men’s Hair System At Home During Lockdown – YouTube

Can I get a bespoke wig made?

Yes, if you do not see a hair piece you wish to buy that is ready made.

It is possible to choose the density, curl, parting, internal construction.

The Aero Lace and Mono range do not extend into the curlier hair types, but a bespoke wig can be an acceptable option for those with this hair types within a similar appearance to a ‘man weave’

Cyber mould - a precise cast of the scalp

Cyber mould compared with cling film mould
Cyber mould compared with a cling film mould.
Trend co custom made hair piece

A formal mould can be taken using the Cyber mould technique at the clinic which gives a far more accurate representation than the traditionally used clingfilm and sellotape mould.  The Cyber mould can be used repeatedly for future hair replacement systems, but should be taken during daylight hours to optimise visibility.

The overall cost of a bespoke hair piece can vary but can be from £450 .  It can take around a week to get an estimate from Trendco Headquarters in Brighton.

If you wish to keep the hairpiece on all the time, to avoid friction frizz, human hair rather than synthetic hair will extend the life of the hair piece which is generally around 3- 6-months. The piece can last longer if cared for appropriately. If you are satisfied it is recommended that you purchase a second hair piece to minimise the down time, as a piece can take around 5 weeks to be made.

A patch test is required 24-48 hours before the day of the fitting if glue is going to be used rather than tape.

Can I just buy a full wig?


The 2 wigs available are the Mike Wig which is Human hair, and the Aki Wig which is synthetic hair.

Please click on the image if you wish to buy from the range at the clinic.

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