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Why choose this clinic?

Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic is a hair loss clinic specialising in non-surgical hair restoration and a beauty/aesthetics clinic.

For hair loss, a range of services are available as alternatives to hair transplantation.  It is recommended that use is made of the bespoke consultation service which helps people to understand what is causing and contributing to their hair loss.

If you would like to explore other options, please visit the online shop for skin care and hair loss products.

This clinic also provides  aesthetics and skin treatments for a range of concerns including acne (and scarring), pigmentation, razor bumps, texture concerns and lines. Home based programmes and in-clinic treatments are available. Please scroll down to find out more.

What can the clinic do for hair loss?

Male pattern hair loss

Hair loss consultation and follow up

There can often be several factors contributing to hair loss including general health, nutrition, genetics, medications and hair care practices. This clinic recommends an in depth consultation to find out the likely causes. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic consultation can take place both virtually and face to face follow up as restrictions allow. Before the consultation, photographs of the hair and scalp from the front, top, sides and back need to be sent in, and a questionnaire needs to be completed. The available options will be discussed with you. These can include topical medications, cosmetic options, platelet rich plasma treatment, microneedling, information to take back to the GP, further blood tests recommended (these can be arranged privately).

Fagron TrichoTest - Personalised treatment options for balding, hair shedding and alopecia areata

Fagron Trichotest is a DNA test comes up with personalised recommendations for topical medications for specific types of hair loss. It does not diagnose the reason for hair loss. As the test does not cover all aspects of hair loss such as vitamin D and iron, in order to give the consumer the best service, this service is only offered in conjunction with the consultation and follow up service.

PRP at Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment for hair loss

This is often used to support the results of hair transplantation and medical hair loss treatment. It is useful for people experiencing balding, alopecia areata, (an autoimmune hair loss condition) or telogen effluvium (hair shedding). Results can vary and may be subtle. It is recommended that a consultation is undertaken at the clinic first to ensure that this is the best option. This should be seen as an adjunct to hair loss treatment plans.

Pharma Hermetic Home and clinic based cosmetic treatments for hair loss

Pharma Hermetic - Hair Recovery Programme

The Pharma Hermetic Hair Recovery Programme has been introduced to help people with hair loss during lockdown. The Hair Recovery clinic treatment is a stronger version of what is used at home and uses microneedling. The Hair Recovery Programme SP55 is a cosmetic topical solution designed for people suffering hair loss that works from the surface of the scalp to support the stem cells in the hair follicle. HRP SP55 aims to reduce the inflammation of the hair follicle and provide a better supply of key ingredients for healthy hair growth. In clinic treatments can be undertaken weekly in between Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments.

Example TrichoLAB report

Accurate Assessment of your hair loss condition using TrichoLab

More accurate than before and after photographs, the TrichoLab report facility allows extremely precise assessment of hair loss by measurement of individual hair follicles viewed under polarised light to minimise surface reflections. TrichoLab only work with doctors and there is also the second opinion diagnostic services which will help to give you confidence you are on the right path.

Man using Theradrome

Laser Hair Retention Therapy

For optimising hair health use of Low Level Laser Light Therapy is used as a adjunct to some hair loss conditions and is safe to use in pregnancy. There is more published evidence is available on the HairMax device, but people also prefer the convenience of Theradrome. A £25 discount is available for the Theradrome if the code CREW1 is entered at the checkout at (Terms and Conditions apply)

Aero Lace Hair Replacement System

Men's Wigs and Hair Replacement Systems

For advanced hair loss where an immediate extensive solution is required wigs made from real or synthetic hair are available from the Aderans Trendco portfolio. Alternatively for a solution to last for weeks, hair replacement systems are available.

Women's wigs, hair pieces and head wear

For hair loss that needs immediate and fuller coverage, the clinic is able to order and supply a wide range of wigs from the Trendco range. Please click here to view the catalogues on line. Please contact the clinic to try out the colour matches.

What sort of skin concerns can the clinic help with?

skin condition ACNE


Medical grade home based treatment programmes and in clinic treatments from Obagi, Zo Skin Health and NeoStrata.



Medical grade home based treatment programmes and in clinic treatments from Obagi, Zo Skin Health and NeoStrata.

Find out more about how to deal with razor bumps

Razor Bumps

Medical grade skin care and in clinic chemical peels for both men and women.

Pigmentation concern


Medical grade home based treatment programmes and in clinic treatments from Obagi, Zo Skin Health, Cyspera and NeoStrata.

Sun damage

Sun damage

Medical grade skin care and in-clinic treatments to help to counteract the ageing effects of sun damage.

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