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What is the issue?

jawline slimming

As the face ages, the jawline starts to look more square in women.  This treatment is sought after in some Asian populations

Botulinum toxin can be used to slim down the appearance of the lower face as viewed from the front by targetting the masseter muscle which is at the outer corner of the jaw.

The same technique is used to treat bruxism, which is habitual grinding of the jaw?

When will results be seen?

Unlike botulinim toxin treatment of upper face, results usually take 6 weeks to show.

How long do the results last?

Results usually last 6 months

Is repeated treatment necessary?

6 months later the muscle volume will usually have returned to some extent, and by 9-12 months after the injection the muscle volume will approach its previous state.

The duration of the effect is variable and depends on whether there is bruxism (sunconscious jaw clenching and excessive chewing of hard food.

What are the important side effects to be aware of?

In addition to the usual side effects of Botox, patients may get early onset temporal headache

In 2018 a study by Peng found that complications in 680 patients treated in the masseter muscles included

    • Temporary mastication force decrease – 30%
    • Bruising 2.5%
    • Headaches after 12 hours 0.58%
    • Smile limitation 0.15%
    • Paradoxical bulging 0.49%
    • Sunken cheeks 0.44%
    • Sagging around the jaw line
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