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What is it?

Inspired by Asian beauty rituals, the product stimulates the skin around the eye area, draining away puffiness and promoting Collagen and Elastin synthesis, smoothing the eye contour and softening fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Improves Skin tone and texture
  • Reduces puffiness and boosts skin firmness

What is involved?

irevive boxes

iRevive Brightening Eye Treatment combines Brightening Eye serum with silk crystals, Brightening Under Eye Patches and Skin Smoothing Rose Quartz Roller for a relaxing treatment with impressive results.

Lash Perfect  foaming cleanser and brush is also used for gentle make up removal.

For best results 1-2 salon treatments per week are recommended according to need.

Lash Perfect eye Brightening Serum is applied under the eye, on the brow bone and onto the forehead using gentle sweeping movements.

This is followed with eye massage to help stimulate the micro-circulation for 3 minutes.


The Under Eye Patch has the serum applied onto the sticky side to activate the micro-current. 

The positive and negative electrons will attract and repel the molecules found in the cream into the skin. As there is no electric current, a circuit does not need to be made. Charges go back and forth between each other – moisture is a carrier of the magnetic charge.

The patch is placed under the eye ensuring the target area is covered with the widest end.


The Rose Quartz Roller has a large and small head which are used  around the eyes, cheeks and forehead as part of the Toning Roller massage.


Damp cold cotton pads are placed over the eyes and then the Lash Perfect Eye Sleep Mask is applied.

The Toning Roller massage is continued for 2-3 minutes before the eye mask, tissue and patches are removed.


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