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Male Pattern Hair Loss
(Male Androgenetic Alopecia)

This is thinning of the hair that usually tends to happen to men.  It affects 50% of men by their  50s. Some men experience this much earlier and may seek a hair transplant.  However as more experience is being gained, the more ethical hair transplant surgeons will rarely operate on men in their 20s. This is because the hair loss is likely not to have stabilised, and the cosmetic effects later on will not be as good.

This clinic offers a range of treatments for both early hair loss and cosmetic solutions for more advanced hair loss.

Often a combination of approaches is required, which is why it is recommended that a medical trichology consultation takes place first.

Male pattern hair loss

How the clinic can help
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This clinic focuses on the medical approach to hair restoration using aesthetic procedures where appropriate.  An evidence based approach around nutrition and other lifestyle factors is taken when recommendations are made.

Where appropriate topical and oral medication can be prescribed.

The clinic offers cosmetic advice on scalp camouflage, and is able to fit and supply men’s hair replacement systems. (Please read on for further information)

Diagnostic imaging - TrichoLab

It is very important to plan treatment based on the correct diagnosis.

This clinic therefore includes a Tricholab image with all of the hair loss treatments. This is to precisely measure the hairs on the scalp, and also to get a second opinion diagnostic report. This is different to the high magnification used in most trichology as only doctors are allowed to access this technology at the moment (2021).  

Nutrition and supplements

Nutritional advice based on the available evidence forms part of the consultation process.

It is recommended that supplements should only be taken if there is a specific need.

The majority of supplements will be supplied via the Get Harley portal following a consultation.  Other supplements are available from a Partner Pharmacy (10% discount code – Crewe1)

Pharma Hermetic Hair Recovery Programme

The Pharma Hermetic Hair Recovery Programme is a treatment that is classified as cosmetic which acts to help male pattern hair loss in a number of ways.

One treatment in the clinic is done every 10-14 days on 5 occasions.  The in-clinic treatment is supplemented with at home products. 

This can be done to support results from Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments (please see further down the page)

Skingenuity Hair Restoration

The Skingenuity Hair Restoration programme consists of at home and in clinic treatments.  This product utilises Growth Factors.  The Programme uses Inter Cell Messenger Technology to specifically target the regrowth of the hair follicle.  This can be thought of as a lower cost alternative to Platelet Rich Plasma treatment where standardised growth factors rather than your own growth factors from your blood are used to stimulate hair growth.

These are done at the clinic every 2 weeks for a period of 12 weeks. The home kit costs £250 in addition.

WOW fusion mesotherapy

WOW fusion mesotherapy is particularly useful for those who may be under stress/ have sweaty scalps/ want to improve the nutrition of the scalp and those with sweaty and scaly scalps.  The first treatment includes botulinum toxin and is repeated 12 weeks later. In between there are 6 weekly treatments costing £150 per treatment.


RRS XL  hair loss treatment is ideal for those looking to hydrate the scalp. It is administered using the WOW fusion microneedling device.

Each treatment costs £75 and is repeated every 1-2 weeks for one month and then every 6 weeks thereafter.


The first line treatment for male pattern hair loss is Topical Minoxidil, which can be purchased from Pharmacies under the brand name of Regaine.

The next treatment is oral Finasteride which some people source from on line pharmacies.  These medications may not work for everyone, so the TrichoTest helps to identify which medical  treatments (and supplements) are most likely to work based on the genetic profile.

Options for textured hair

Men with afro-textured hair may find that the lotion and foam versions of Minoxidil are not suitable.  

The clinic is able to supply to customers who have used an in-clinic service Minoxidil cream from a specialist compounding Pharmacy.  The price may vary but in November 2021 the cost was £60 for 50ml  which should last around 2 months.

Practical help in hiding hair loss

Custom made hair piece
Trend co custom made hair piece

The clinic can supply ready to wear hair pieces or custom made hair pieces.  Some of these can be purchased online without visiting the clinic (please visit

Regrettably, once purchased the pieces are not returnable. During the period of social distancing due to Covd-19 there is a 20% reduction on the hair pieces in the Shop section of the website (search for TP).

Cosmetic camouflage fibres - MS Hair fibres

Natural fibres in a wide range of colours for all hair types.

Please enter INGRW90 at the checkout to enjoy a 10% discount.

Studies have suggested a likely benefit, and this is suggested in conjunction with other measures.  It is now becoming part of the treatment protocol in some hair loss clinics for androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata and telogen effluvium. The treatment is done monthly for the first 3 months and the 3 months after that. Then every 3-6 months as maintenance therapy.

Regenera Activa

This is where  non-surgical micrografts are mechanically disaggregated and reinjected into the areas of thinning hair of the scalp. This treatment is usually repeated once a year or after 6 weeks if an initial result is not seen.

Due to the higher cost of this service a TrichoLab image must be taken at the clinic and reported on before this service can be booked.

The price per treatment is £1200

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