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What is the issue?

Necklace line

Horizontal neck lines tend to deepen with age. This is particularly true of individuals who have spent a lot of time outdoors and who have taken advantage of various cosmetic procedures to rejuve

They can be improved, but not completely removed with Botox.

When will results be seen?

Results usually take 5-7 days to show.

How long do the results last?

Results usually last 3-5 months.

Is repeated treatment necessary?

This is a personal choice. There may be other more suitable treatment options including  surgery.

What are the important side effects to be aware of?

Injection of this area is usually very safe, and there is a low incidence of untowards events. Potential rare side effects include dry muth, difficulty swallowing, difficulty speaking, unclear speech and neck weakness.

For this reason only one neck band will be injected at each session.

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