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What is the issue?

As the face ages, the jawline starts to look less defined.  This is due to the effects of gravity, genetics and the environment causing the skin to slacken. The tissue from the mid face starts to descend towards the jawline.

The Nefertiti Lift is named after the Egyptian Queen who was perceived to have the perfect sculpted jawline. This was based on a statue found in Egypt in 1912.

This treatment is best suited to patients with early signs of the ageing neck, in particular mild jowling and platysmal bands.

Results can be subtle

Treatment aims to:

  • Lift and improve the definition of the mandibular border and angle
  • Elevate the corners of the mouth
  • Drape the skin of the jawline contour.

When will results be seen?

Unlike botulinim toxin treatment of upper face, results can up to 6 weeks to show.

How long do the results last?

Up to  6 months

Is repeated treatment necessary?

If desired.

What are the important side effects to be aware of?

In addition to the usual side effects of Botox, the potential complications can include temporary problems with the functioning of the lower lip, uneven smile, difficulty with fluids and speech, problems with neck movements.

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