Non surgical aesthetics (wrinkle relaxing treatments, dermal fillers and skin treatment programmes)

Why non surgical aesthetics?

Recent years have seen more and more people take up non surgical cosmetic procedures to help to refresh the appearance. Stress, getting older, smoking, alcohol and sun damage all can take their toll on the skin. Biaesthetics approach is to achieve as natural looking changes.

The initial consultation

The initial consultation may take between 30 minutes to one hour. The time is needed to find out what you  would like to alter and then to agree realistic goals. The aim is to achieve a natural look

Your facial expressions will be examined and a systematic approach will be taken looking firstly  overall at the condition of your skin (acne, melasma, photo-damage, thin skin or pigmentation), then at the upper face (frown lines, forehead, thin skin/pigmentation); middle face (crows feet, bunny lines, drooped brow, nose hooking, cheek volume /loss of contour), and finally the lower third of the face and the neck (nasolabial folds, perioral lines, chin dimpling, marionette lines, lip volume/shape loss, platysmal bands, gummy smiles, wide set jaw/ masseter hypertrophy).

Outside the face, hand fillers are an option

Please note

Before and after photographs will be taken for treatment to proceed. Written consent will be required.
No aesthetic treatments will be administered in pregnancy or if breast feeding.
Treatments are generally not given on the day of the consultation.
You must advise your practitioner of any allergies, medications or medical conditions.
If you have any concerns about the treatment after the procedure, please ring the clinic so that your concern can be assessed.
Payment is taken before the consultation and procedure.
The clinic reserves the right to decline requested treatment if it is assessed as not being appropriate.
Results may vary.