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The Pharma Hermetic Hair Recovery Programme range has been featured in Platinum magazine (February 2020).  It has been recommended by Dr Dawn Harper from Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies as a new treatment for thinning hair in both males and females.

The Hair Recovery Program SP55 is a cosmetic topical solution desgined for people suffering hair loss that work from the outside, to support the stem cells in the follicle.  It approaches hair loss by considering both increasing the length of life of hair stem cells and also balancing scalp nutrition. Its ingredients  are intended to reduce the inflammation of the hair follicle and provide a better supply of key ingredients for healthy hair growth.

The programme is based on peptides which are involved in many physiological processes.

What is it made from?

  • Chain of 8 peptides
  • 150+ amino acids
  • 100% organic natural ingredients – Biotin, Caffeine, Vitamins

What does it do?

The mechanism of action of HRP 55 ingredients is to block the DHT and increase the activity of the Telomerase in the stem cells of the hair to:

  • Control and decrease inflammation
  • Activate anti-oxidant activity
  • Remove free radicals
  • Relax blood vessels for more oxygen and nutrients
  • Shorten the delayed growth of hair follicles

What's the difference between the clinic treatment and the home treatment?

The clinic treatment is done every 10-14 days over 5 treatments and uses a stronger solution for better results.

It is done with microneedling to enhance results.  It can be preceded by High Frequency treatment and infra red light treatment can be added at the end.

Where can I find more information?

The Pharma Hermetic website in the UK has more information.

How much will it cost?

In clinic treatment £50

Lotion in Spray for home use £139

Shampoo £38

(Prices correct 2021)

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