Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic

Hair Loss Services

Trichology (Hair loss) Consultation 30-60 mins and follow up –  £200

The initial consultation is virtual, where a professional opinion is given about the likely cause of the hair loss and the contributing factors.

A summary email outlining the main findings and recommendations will be sent within one week of the consultation.

A follow up consultation is available within the first month to discuss any queries and finalise the treatment plan which may or may not include prescribed medications. A further complementary follow up appointment is included within 6-12 months to assess progress.

When the booking has been confirmed a short questionnaire will be emailed for completion before the appointment. Photographs of the scalp from the front, side, back and top of the scalp showing the area of concern should also be included. The consultation will include questions about nutrition, hair care practices, medical conditions, medications and supplements taken.

TrichoLab report – £80

This service is a diagnostic imaging service separate to the consultation. This service provides an objective measure of the status of the hair in the scalp. This service is only available to doctors. It is recommended that imaging is taken at the beginning of a programme of treatment, and 3-6 months later.

TrichoTest – £350

This service includes a trichology consultation, a DNA test for hair loss, and follow up communications. The outcome is a recommendation for a topical medication or nutritional supplement.

TrichoTest, TrichoLab, Consultation and Follow up appointments – £400

This is the recommended full comprehensive assessment if you are experiencing hair shedding and thinning, balding or alopecia areata. The price includes one TrichoLab image and a TrichoTest, an iniitial consultation and 2 follow up appointments.

Trichology Treatment

Clinic based treatment Informed by consultation (e.g. for severe scalp scaling) –  £25

To Whom It May Concern letter (to GP)    –  £25

 (To facilitate patient being offered further blood tests by GP – please note the final decision is at the GP’s discretion)

Minoxidil formulations – available if appropriate following a consultation

Minoxidil 2% lotion -£35 (should last one month)          

Minoxidil 5% foam  (50ml)  – £40 (should last 50 days)

Minoxidil Cream 2% or 5%  (50ml) – £60 (suited for afro textured hair. Should last 2 months if applied thinly at night)

Hair Mineral Analysis 

Summary report – £59                    

Full practitioner service customer and doctors  –   £69

Retest   -£69          

Scalp Platelet Rich Plasma treatment for hair loss – £250 (£300 with microneedling). £400 for double treatment (£450 with microneedling)

Platelet rich plasma treatment is a helpful adjuct to hair restoration treatments. A detailed consultation form needs to be completed before the procedure.  Please email for a copy of the questionnaire before booking.

Hair replacement system consultation – £25

If you are committed to buying a hair piece, this service helps you to choose the right wig or hair piece for you.  If you order a wig a 50% non refundable deposit is required before the fitting.

The wig or hair piece can be fitted at the clinic, but will need to be styled by another professional.

You have the opportunity to view and colour match the hair pieces and  look at the product range from Trendco.  If glue rather than tape is chosen as the attachment method, then a patch test will be required 24-48 hours before the fitting.

Cyber Mould fitting – £50

The cyber mould takes a mould of your scalp so that a custom made hair piece can be made. The traditional way of doing this in the past has been to use cling film and sellotape.

Hair replacement system  (new)- £350

Pieces from the Trendco range will be used.    You will be assisted in choosing a piece with a suitable colour match.   There is a £50 fee for the process of choosing the piece which is taken off the final price.

The piece will be fitted with glue or tape It will not be cut and styled.   

Hair replacement system maintenance service – £100

Aesthetic Services

It is necessary for a consultation to take place before the treatments listed below can be provided to assess suitability.

The £50 fee is deducted from the cost of treatments taken up at the clinic costing more than £100 if taken up within 28 days of the consultation.

Some Obagi Skin care products can be  purchased directly through the website, but Zo Skin Health and Cyspera products require a consultation first.

Cyspera RRP  £139

Zo Skin Health Price List – please see below

Obagi Price list – please see below

Clinic treatments of lines and wrinkles

wrinkle treatments

Wrinkle relaxing injection with botulinum toxin following consultation from the list below (The price for men is an additional £20 per area)

  • 1area £150
  • 2 areas £200
  • 3 areas £225

Wrinkle relaxing treatments  (The price for men is an additional £20 per area)

Frown line                                                  £150

Forehead line                                             £150 (If over 50 years of age the frown line and forehead lines should be treated together)

Crow’s feet                                                 £150

Chemical Brow lift                                    £150

Bunny Lines                                               £150

Gummy Smile                                            £150

Smoker’s line                                             £150

Pebbled/dimpled chin                              £150

Downturned corners of the mouth        £150

Advanced Botulinum Toxin treatments

Neck lift

Neck and platysmal band                        £350

Nefertiti neck lift                                        £350

Jawline slimming                                       £350

Dermal Filler Treatments - Price per ml

Filler treatments

Nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds) /Lip rejuvenation and  enhancement /Cheek augmentation/Hand filler    

Please note, the prices below are for guidance as a consultation is required first £50 refundable against treatments

  • Juvederm Ultra  2 – 0.5ml £220
  • Juvederm Ultra  3 – 1ml £280
  • Juvederm Ultra  4 –  1ml £310 
  • Juvederm Ultra  Smile – 0.55ml £220
  • Radiesse – 1.5ml £350  

Electrolysis - permanent hair removal

electrolysis procedure

15 minute taster session and remote consultation – £25

30 minute hair removal session – £40

45 minute hair removal session- £50

60 minute hair removal session- £60

Electrolysis blemish removal

Skin tag fore removal with electrolysis

Facial thread veins and spider naevi                                                                    

Single thread vein (minor – single treatment)            £80.00

Thread vein –  2 treatments                                           £150.00

Thread vein – 3 treatments                                             £200.00

Skin tags                                                                   

Single tag                                                                         £80.00

2 skin tags                                                                       £150.00

Up to 5 skin tags                                                              £250.00

Milia or Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra                                                          

Single milia                                                                 £40.00

2-10 milia                                                                   £80.00

11-20 milia                                                                 £150.00

more than 20                                                              £200.00

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra before electrolysis

Wart removal - using freezing (except the face and intimate areas)

Warts  Need GP consent before treatment and may need several treatments

Single wart                                                                 £100.00

2 warts                                                                        £150.00

3 warts                                                                           £200

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