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  • Pharma Hermetic

    Pharma Hermetic Shampoo


    They intervene by enhancing the keratin synthesis metabolism, thus strengthening the hair structure. Once applied to the scalp, it will hydrolyze, breaking into small pieces including deoxy-D-Ribose, amino acid nitrogenous bases and phosphoric acid. All these nutrients are those that the cell will use to repair or reconstitute its own DNA and enhance the …

  • Pharma Hermetic

    Pharma Hermetic Lotion in Spray

    Pharma Hermetic Lotion is a cosmetic product which stimulates the cells to keep the scalp and hair follicles healthy. The active ingredients make your hair more complete and shiny. The encapsulation technology stabilized in double layer allows the actions the active ingredients to be absorbed thoroughly into the scalp.

    Frequently use for all types of hair. Product for men and women