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What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition which in the past has been difficult to treat. It affects women more than men, and is more common in the Caucasian population.  It can however, affect darker skin types.

The excact cause is not known, but dysregulation of the immune system, overgrowth of commensal organisms, dysfunctional neurovascular signalling and genetics are all thought to have a role to play.

There are different types: erythematotelangiectatic, papulopustular, phymatous or ocular.  Ocular rosacea should be seen by a consultant opthalmologist.

Treatments are available from the GP, but this clinic  provides alternatives based on specialist skin care regimes

What are the symptoms?

Info Rosacea

How is it diagnosed?

The condition is diagnosed by the history of the skin condition and the examination. 
The clinic has approaches to help with the physical appearance of rosacea. The Zo Skin health system is primarily used as both a home treatment programme and in clinic treatments.The good news is that for clinic treatment (Zo Stimulator Peel)  often the appearance in rosacea is better immediately after the treatment!

Does sunlight make it worse?

It tends to be worse in the sunlight. This is related to abnormal vitamin D metabolism which leads to dilation of blood vessels and formation of new blood vessels. This leads to the appearance of thread veins.

What else can make it worse?

Some people will have specific triggers, but it is important to know that niacin or the application of topical steroids can worsen the flushing.

How this clinic can help

The clinic will advise on which products can be prescribed by your General Practitioner for certain aspects of rosacea.  These are also available on prescription from the clinic, but cost more.

The clinic takes the approach of offering 2 alternative skin care systems to optimise the  results of prescribed medications: Zo Skin Health and Obagi.  It can take up tro 6-10 weeks to begin to see results.

It is important that the right skin care is followed to optimise results.

For some people who need short term cosmetic covering of rosacea a skin camouflage service is available to help to hide the appearance of rosacea with a waterproof product.

Why is skin care important?

It is important to improve the skin barrier function.

Good hydration allows exfoliation but prevents water loss.

Why is sunscreen needed?

Sunscreen helps to reduce exposure to the damaging free radicals. Obagi recommends suncreen containing Zinc as an anti-inflammatory and to assist with wound healing.

Obagi products for rosacea

The Obagi  gentle cleanser is recommended.

The Obagi  Medical Hydrate is recommended to allow the skin to heal.

Obagi Matte suncreen is recommended because  it contains micronized zinc oxide 10.5% 0.5g-1g every morning.

It has UVA/UVB protection that is non- allergenic. It is an excellent suncreen before and after procedures (because it protects and soothes the skin). It is a physical sunscreen.

It contains Octinoxate 7.5%. It is an excellent UV absorber with a good tolerability profile and rarely causes photallergy. It  is non comedogenic and dermatologist tested. It is sheer PABA free and fragrance free and suitable for all skin types.

Depending on your skin’s requirements following a consultation addtional medical grade products may be recommended.

The 3 products below can be purchased on line without a consultation.  However for optimum results a consultation is recommended.

Obagi foaming gel
Obagi foaming gel
Obagi Medical Hydrate
Obagi Medical Hydrate
Obagi Sun Shield Matte SPF 50
Obagi Sun Shield Matte SPF 50

ZO Skin Health Products for Rosacea

The protocols vary according to severity.

The key products include : Enzymatic Peel, exfoliation accelerator, daily power defense, Rozatrol (instant pore refiner)

Zo rosacea starter kit
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