Hair and Scalp Clinic (Medical Trichology)

Everyone’s hair loss journey is different, and may start with a visit to a GP, hairdresser, hours of internet searching and misinformation. There are many reasons for hair loss, such as lifestyle, diet, hormones, medication, autoimmune or genetic conditions.

Crewe Hair and Skin clinic uses a combined medical and trichological approach to hair and scalp problems.

Why use a Trichologist?

A trichologist who is a specialist in hair and scalp disorders. Most trichologists come from a range of backgrounds other than medicine and are trained in managing many hair and scalp problems. Trichologists are trained to give advice on  health and lifestyle issues (including diet), and hair care practices that affect the hair and scalp.

Why visit  this clinic?

This clinic welcomes all hair types and is led by a doctor trained in trichology by the Institute of Trichologists (2010 – 2012) and who is a current member of The Trichological Society,  The British Hair and Nail Society, the  Society of Cosmetic Scientists and an Affiliate Trichologist Member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

This clinic is committed to helping people understand their hair issue and gives practical advice which can include hair camouflage, a clinic scalp and hair treatment, advice on  over-the counter medication.

Further investigations such as  hair mineral analysis,  blood tests, or other tests such as swabs may be advised or arranged at the clinic.

Medication can be prescribed for: Male and female pattern hair loss,  alopecia areata and several other conditions, but this is done on the condition that the patient allows communication with their GP.


If appropriate, the patient may be referred to a General Practitioner for further investigation or referral to a dermatologist.

Problems commonly dealt with include: generalised hair loss, patchy hair loss and assessment of whether the hair loss is likely to be temporary or permanent. E.g. Scalp psoriasis,  seborrheic eczema (itchy scalp), alopecia areata, folliculitis, central cicatrizing centrifugal alopecia (CCCA).

Clinic treatments offered 

The clinic provides established trichological treatments including descaling treatments for patients suffering from itchy and scaling scalp conditions. These are applied to the scalp and washed off with appropriate shampoos.

Healthy Hair Services

The clinic understands that people with hair and scalp problems may be reluctant to visit the hairdresser, and so offers a range of basic services such as hair trimming in a discreet environment.

After the consultation

Depending on what the condition is, the patient may need to continue with the treatment at home with medicated shampoos or creams.

Patients must bring list of medication, be over 18 and bring some form of photographic ID. Photographs of their condition will be taken and written consent will be sought. Patients should bring a list of their prescribed medication, and if possible a summary printout from the General Practitioner.