Healthy Hair Services

The clinic aims to create a supportive environment in the healthy hair journey. As well as a trichology clinic to help diagnose and treat hair and scalp problems, the clinic provides some additional services  for the additional requirements of Afro-textured or mixed heritage hair.

Cutting services

Simple split end trim                                                                                   £10

Simple trim with basic shaping                                                                 £20

Basic maintenance

Shampoo & Condition Service                                                                   £15

(on African textured or mixed hair / other hair without trimming or styling)

Afro Moisturising treatment                                                                       £30

Afro Protein treatment                                                                                £39

Detangling service                                                                                       £30

Natural Afro/mixed hair styling Twists without extension          from £35

Twist out on damp hair                                                                               £25                                                                  

Texture release   (dependent on hair length)                                  from £100                                                                            

Blow dry

Blow dry on cleansed hair                                                                           £28

Afro/mixed hair Shampoo, condition and blow dry                     from  £40

thicker or longer afro/mixed hair                                                     from £50


Relaxer on African textured/Mixed hair Relaxer – retouch                    £50

Virgin relaxer                                                                                                £70

Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic is an MS Hair Ambassador. Please click on the link to find out more. A full range of colours is available.