Medical Trichology clinic prices


Trichology Consultation 20-30mins                     £50

Trichology Consultation 30-60 mins                  £100


Clinic treatment Informed by consultation         £50

To Whom It May Concern letter (to GP)               £25

 (To facilitate patient being offered further blood tests by GP – please note the final decision is at the GP’s discretion)

Hair Mineral Analysis 

Summary report                                                          £59

Full practitioner service customer and doctors     £69

Retest                                                                            £69

Blood test, swabs If required, prices discussed at appointment

Private Prescription                                                  £20 +     

cost of medication and postage


It is recommended that supplements are only taken following nutritional advice and assessment of likely nutrient deficiencies.

These are available via the link on the home page.

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