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What is skin camouflage?

Skin camouflage can significantly reduce the appearance of marks on the skin, providing effective long lasting cover for the day or more. The most common conditions it is used for include covering birth marks, scars (including acne scars), tattoos, pigment loss (e.g. vitiligo), rosacea, hyperpigmentation and birthmarks.
Most areas of the body can be camouflaged with the exception of the genital area. Skin camouflage is an economical alternative to other cosmetic interventions.

Why this clinic?

The BASC trained practitioner has experience in camouflaging a wide range of skin colours including darker skin tones, and has a personal experience of  needing skin camouflage herself.  If it is possible to help to address the underlying skin concern that can also be discussed during the appointment.

The consultation process .

The client has a 30- 60 minute appointment with a practitioner trained with the British Association of Skin Camouflage for the full service. The consultation should take place during daylight hours to ensure the best colour match.  A colour match is chosen from a range of around 180 camouflage creams and powders.

The consultation involves demonstrating  how to use the products. The products are waterproof and will stay on the body for up to 2 days and on the face for up to 12 hours. Most camouflage products have a shelf life to 2-3 years once opened.
At the end of the appointment the client will be provided with a  list of  the matched camouflage products, a small sample to practice with, and  advice on where to purchase the products.

The Clinic is delighted to be part of the Veil skin camouflage network. If Veil products are ordered through this clinic through this network a 10% discount will be applied for all future products for customers of Crewe Hair and Skin Clinic.  Veil has recently updated its range to include skin camouflage for a wider range of skin colours.

After the consultation.

Many of the camouflage products are available on prescription, but the provision of this will vary.  The GP is not obliged to prescribe skin camouflage products, as it is discretionary. A letter to the GP from the clinic may help, but there is an additional cost for the letter and success is not guaranteed.
An additional consultation may be required if the skin colour changes significantly between the seasons.


Additional information

Patient must be over 18 and bring some form of photographic ID.

Photographs of their condition will be taken  for their records and written consent will be sought before the consultation.

If you are happy for before and after images to be used to help demonstrate camouflage, please let the clinic know at any time after the consultation so that written consent can be sought. You have the right to withdraw your consent for this at any time if it does not relate to your client record.

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