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Skin tags can be removed using electrolysis . There are a number of different methods depending on the size, behaviour and location and behaviour of the tag.

Please confirm the diagnosis with your GP before booking an appointment.  

Before the procedure you will be asked to provide a photograph of the skin tag(s). Please check below whether there are any reasons why you should not be suitable for electrolysis.

Who can't have electrolysis?

Conditions that may prevent treatment include: haemophilia, heart disorders, pacemakers, cochlear implant, contagious diseases and disorders, Hepatitis B, HIV, cancer or epilepsy.

Conditions that may restrict treatment: steroid drugs, endocrine disorders, metal plates and pins, cardiovascular disorders, loss of tactile sensation in localised areas, skin disorders and diseases, nickel allergy, hairy moles, pregnancy, drugs/alcohol, cuts/abrasions/bruising, emotional problems, dermagraphic skin condition, microdermabrasion or dermabrasion, chemical peels, latex allergy (wear vinyl gloves), certain medications or creams (e.g. Ro-accutane, Retin A, retinol), breast implants (contra-indication to underarm treatment), epilepsy, diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, acne, dermabrasion on the areas to be treated.

Price of removal of skin tags

Single Skin tag – £80

2 skin tags – £150

Up to 5 skin tags   – £250   

Skin tag removal with electrolysis
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