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Traction Alopecia

This is a  gradual form of hair loss that is generally caused by pulling forces applied to the hair.

Tight pony tails, braids, weaves or hair extensions are often the cause. It is important to get the right help early in this condition. If left for too long the hair loss can be permanent. It is more common in textured hair but can happen in all hair types . It can be triggered by hair extensions being pulled out and headwear worn tight or for prolonged periods such as turbans.

It can co-exist alongside other hair loss conditions, so it is important to book a hair loss consultation to ensure that a holistic approach is taken.

Traction alopecia

How the clinic can help

This type of hair loss is not dealt with in the NHS.  Dealing with hair loss without using surgery needs a variety of approaches based on a correct diagnosis.  This is why the clinic takes a TrichoLab image as part of every face to face initial hair loss consultation to ensure that the hair loss is accurately documented, and you are able to benefit from a second opinion.

The clinic offers advice on camouflaging the hair loss, hair care and other measures that may help.  You will be assisted in choosing a custom made hair piece if you are looking for a temporary solution.

The clinic will discuss the evidence around the medical treatments for this condition that can be prescribed or purchased over the counter.  The clinic understands the grooming requirements for textured hair and is able to access cream based formulations to help support better outcomes.

Protein and moisturising treatments are available to help nurture the remaining hair.  The clinic offers Avlon Texture Release to help with manageability.

There can be many factors contributing to hair loss as well as age, genetics and hormones. A detailed history will be taken which will include your nutrition and any supplements taken.

This clinic will advise you of the current evidence on treatments and can arrange for the relevant blood tests to be done with or without nutritional status blood tests included. The clinic encourages people to access these tests from the GP, but it this is at the GP’s discretion. It possible to have some blood tests as skin prick (which can be done at home or at the clinic), or you can be sent to a partner clinic for a full blood test.

Topical treatment

It is recognised by the British Association of Dermatologists that topical Minoxidil 2% or 5% can be used in traction alopecia.  Although this can be purchased from other sources as a lotion or foam, this formulation may not be suitable for everyone.

If suitable, patients from the clinic may be suitable to have access to a formulation in a foam with a Pea Sprout Extract (Foamil) which supports hair growth.  For those with textured hair, it is possible to supply a cream for patients.


It is worth knowing that when Minoxidil is used for hair loss due to balding only about 40% of people respond at 6 months.

If you are experiencing generalized hair thinning, it may be worth considering TrichoTest for hair loss will enable personalised treatment for certain types of hair loss including androgenetic alopecia.  It will advise you on whether you are likely to respond to Minoxidil. For those that are missing a certain enzyme (sulfo transferase) it may be possible to alter  the response.

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP stand for Platelet Rich Plasma where basically your own blood is drawn from you and spun down in a centrifuge to extract the platelet rich part which has the growth factors which can help hair.

The usual reasons for using it are Alopecia Areata (an autoimmune condition), Androgenetic Alopecia (balding) and Telogen Effluvium (hair shedding and thinning).

A review article published in 2019 in International Journal of Women’s Dermatology “Current and emerging treatment strategies for hair loss in women of color” actually referred to PRP being used in traction alopecia as well as trichorrhexis nodosa (hair breakage at any point along the hair shaft).

Anecdotally, people working in the field have indicated that there may be benefit in using PRP in traction alopecia alongside other measures. It may not work for everyone, and results can be subtle – but it worth knowing about the possible options.

Practical help in hiding hair loss - cosmetic camouflage

Cosmetic camouflage can be used to temporarily hide visible hair thinning due to traction alopecia or other causes.

For textured hair this clinic recommends MS Hair fibres (please click on the image below and enter INGRW90 for a 10% discount at the checkout)

The image on the right show the effect of Toppik hair fibres which are a similar product.   To buy Toppik fibres, or other forms of scalp camouflage such as Mane Spray or Dermmatch, please click on the images on the right.. Please enter Crewe1 at the checkout to get  a 10% discount.

Wigs and hairpieces

Wigs and attractive head-coverings are available to buy online from

If needed, bespoke hair pieces can be made to suit your hair colour and texture for localised areas of hair loss.

This treatment involves microneedling with the use of peptides to help with hair growth. At the moment reports of benefit are anecdotal. 

This treatment uses recombinant human growth factors to support hair growth using Inter cellular messaging technology.

An in-clinic treatment is done every 2 weeks for a total of 12 weeks along with a home based kit. 

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