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TrendCo Hi Fashion wig collection

The images below show the range of styles in the  High fashion collection. Many more colours than are shown are available.

 New styles are constantly being added to the range, so please arrange a wig consultation if you would like to see the full range in the catalogue and view the colours using a colour swatch. 

The  High fashion range is lower in price than other ranges and is made of synthetic hair.

Please book a wig consultation to see how the colours look on you and to place an order. (£20 fee to order from a choice of 5 wigs – refunded if you buy a wig from this clinic)

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Cheyenne. (Melted Marshmallow/Smoky Grey)  £233

India (Honey Brown/Smoky Grey) £216.50

Adeline (Marble Brown) £212

Anastacia (Pastel Pink/Caramel Brown) £120

Modern TP £105.50

Joey (Strawberry Swirl). £82.50

Coco (Iced Mocha) £98

Rylee  (Honeycomb brown/Melted Marshmallow)  £172

Amal Silverstone   £136.50

Aria Champage  £116.50

Ashley Auburn Sugar   £90

Audrey Vanilla Bean      £90

Bailey Irish Spice   £104.50

Brenna Creamy Toffee   £163.00

Brenna Creamy Coffee   £163.00

Cameron Coconut Spice   £104.50

Dakota pastel blue.


Evanna Ice Blonde/ Evanna Pastel Blue/ Evanna TP Marble Brown/Melted Ocean

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