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Custom made hair piece
Trendco wig
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Trendco wigs
Dakota wig in pastel blue colour
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Wigs can provide a quick, and effective cosmetic solution for hair loss.

TrendCo wigs can be purchased from this clinic. The range is enormous and being constantly updated.

It is best to book a wig consultation to understand what is involved.  If you have hair loss mainly at the top or front of your head ‘toppers are available to purchase.

Both the Trendco Ready to Wear and Custom Made Collection. You should be able to get a ready to wear wig within 7 days, but custom made wigs can take several months. Both synthetic and real hair wigs can be purchased.  Trendco products are recommended to help to extend the life of the wig

Some of the wigs available are displayed in this section of the website

For the full selection, please book a  wig consultation appointment at the clinic to discuss your needs and look at the colour range. You can choose up to 5 wigs which will be ordered. You can then come to the clinic and make your final choice. You will be charged a £20 postage and administration charge which will be taken off the final cost of the wig if you purchase it from the clinic.

In general, synthetic wigs last for 6-9 months depending  on the type of wig, and how it is cared for. Some people wear a toupee for up to 6 weeks.  The clinic will help maintain the piece.

If you already have a wig, and would like to get it styled please email the clinic so that an appointment can be arranged. The wig cutting will be done by a hairdresser and stylist trained in My New Hair.

Please note that while every effort will be made to give you the look you are seeking, wig cutting and styling is at your own risk, and unfortunately there will be no compensation if you are not satisfied.

Trendco synethetic wig aftercare products

Trendco aftercare products group
T range holding spray
T range softening shampoo
T range Soften n Sheen Conditioning Spray
T range Soften n Sheen Conditioner
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