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What is the WOW Fusion Device?

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WOW fusion is an innovative needling device that allows the practitioner to create bespoke skincare cocktails in the little glass vial that is ideal for your skin care needs. During consultation, your practitioner will assess your skin and then using the latest skincare technologies will design a skin care serum that is ideal for your skin requirements. A truly tailored service with transformative results.

The WOW fusion device contains 20 titanium 24K gold plated needles each being 0.13mm in diameter. As they are so thin, they make a small trauma without the pain. The needles allow the solution to flow down and into the skin to the epidermal/dermal junction. This infuses your skin with hydration, vitamins, peptides and essential ingredients for super healthy and radiant skin.

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Why should I consider this treatment?

•Thinning hair very common, and can give the appearance of being older.  It can be a course of a great deal of stress in some people.

The treatment provides

• Solutions to thicken and strengthen hair bulb
• Nourish the scalp
• Normalise scalp health
• Cost effective alternative to hair transplantation

What does the treatment contain?

• Buflomedil HCL (vasodilator)
• Pyridoxine HCL (vit B6 amino acid precursor) #
• Pantothenic acid (B5 antioxidant)
• Nicotinamide (B3 prevents hair loss)
• Thiamin (B1 cell growth)
• Acetylcysteine (antioxidant)
• Pyridoxine and Nicotinamide linked with pantothoneic acid inhibit the action of 5-alpha reductase decreasing the local concentration of dihydrotestosterone which is responsible for atrophy of the hair follicle

How much does each treatment cost?

The the initial treatment which contains the Mesotherapy Cocktail and Botulinum Toxin (brand name Botox) costs £400.  The cost is £50 more than subsequent treatments because a TrichoLab image will be taken.

 This should be repeated after 12 weeks, and will cost £350 

In between there should be weekly treatments of the mesotherapy cocktail, which should be done once a week for 6 weeks. Each treatment costs £200.

Please see the price list for the latest prices.

Who should consider this treatment?

Those with hair loss associated with excessively greasy scalp should consider this treatment. Also those who are in the process of making dietary improvements, and those who have been experiencing stress.

When should I expect to see results with this treatment?

Results are expected within 2-3 months.

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