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Wrinkles can be treated using a range of options including injectable treatments, skin care at home, skin peel treatments in the clinic and light treatment.  To find out more about the options that can help, it is worth having a chat to find out about the technology that is available.

Injectable treatments for wrinkles

wrinkle treatments

Injectable treatment for wrinkles includes that using Botulinum Toxin, Platelet Rich Plasma and dermal fillers are available from this clinic. These are useful as a temporary way of reversing the appearance of the signs of ageing and last from a few months to over a year. 

Good skin care is really important to support the cosmetic effect of injectables.  Help for cosmetic skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, uneven pigmentation, dull and sagging skin using skin care programmes are available.

What types of wrinkles are treated with injectables?

Frown lines, nose to mouth lines, marionette lines, lines around the mouth

How can skin care be used to tackle wrinkles?

Zo Skin Health, NeoStrata and Obagi are the fabulous ranges used to tackle skin care

Zo Authorised retailer

Why this clinic?

Aesthetic Complications Expert Group - Registered Practitioner

All treatments are administered by a doctor who has put in place measures to act appropriately in the event of any complications. Although the majority of procedures are safe it is important that if there were to be a complication the practitioner has access to a network of support. This is achieved by being a member of the Aesthetic Complications expert group which provides guidelines and rapid access to expertise in the event of a  complication.

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Before undergoing any form of cosmetic procedure, please make sure that you read the Patient Information Leaflet and ask if you have any questions.

Wrinkle relaxing treatments information leaflet

Dermal Fillers Information Leaflet

Chemical Skin Peel Information Leaflet

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